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Meet some of our grads... get inspired and join our teacher training cohort. You can join in June, September or January.

Eric Sudhalter Meet Eric Sudhalter: Upon graduating from WISC, he took a class in 4th grade last year at the Corvallis Waldorf School in Corvallis, Oregon. Eric shared, "We are nearing the end of our 5th grade year together. This year brought us through the ancient cultures of India, Babylonia, Egypt and Greece. We studied Botany by growing our own mushrooms, planting grafted trees, and observing the difference between the germination of a bean and a bulb. We just completed a bike safety course, and there are several unicyclers in the class now. I am looking forward to Rome, Medieval Games, and the first physics block coming this fall."
Eric Sudhalter, Grade 5 Teacher, Corvallis Waldorf School

Waldorf Institute Alumni

Many WISC Alumni are now working in a wide variety of schools, locally and globally bearing the fruits of the invaluable training and insight gained from our Teacher Education Program (see Alumni and Students at Work for a partial list). Whichever path they have chosen since graduating from WISC, most would agree they have benefited greatly from the experience.

Alumnae Recall Their WISC Experiences

Brandy Steinhilber as 'Pockets' I recently graduated from the Teacher Training and Accreditation Program at the Waldorf Institute of Southern California (WISC), and I immensely enjoyed my time in the program. I have a deep love of learning, which has been nourished by my time in WISC. Each time I have spoken to my father over the last three years, he has asked me what I have learned in the previous week. It has been a joy to recount to him my experiences in painting, archery, woodcarving and doll making. While these things have enriched my life, I have most appreciated the opportunities for personal growth that this education has afforded to me. Through the Anthroposophical studies I have undertaken, I have come to a deeper understanding of my fellow Man and myself. I have, of late, been particularly conscious of the role of destiny and karma in my daily life. This consciousness has changed the way I view and conduct everyday meetings and has led me to, in the words of Steiner's verse, sharpen my feeling for responsibility of soul.
Brandy Steinhilber, 2008 graduate

Margarita Sabeva

What stays with me from that day is... enchantment. From the first bell ring to the last step I took in Highland Hall, I felt part of a soft, visible melody. The enchanter of that land, Laura, was walking the notes and the children simply followed. Her calm and gentle voice, her spoken and unspoken words, her light gestures and inner silence unfolded the Past and Present Wholeness and we all entered with... admiration. My inner child smiled, and taken in and on Laura's wings of kindness felt comforted knowing that the Earth's Down is a Down we could soar above. How many worlds did I breathe in that day, I wonder... I was freed from the Earth and the Water, from the Air, and because of that freedom I felt the Fire. Within. "When you are clear, fair and present at the moment, the children learn quickly." Yes, indeed, Laura's words are dressing up the never-ending fairy tale in her classroom. And the moment— a flash of Past and Present dances in her eyes. I remember... a High Land one morning in May. For a moment of time I could feel— I was freed.
Margarita Sabeva, 2008 graduate,
on her experience of observing Highland Hall Waldorf kindergarten teacher Laura Ferris, May 1, 2007.

Deborah Cansler At one time I may have thought it was not possible to have an experience in continued education that would speak to my personal development yet stream to meet my peers and future colleagues. It's a wonderful feeling, to discover that learning in an environment that is mindful of a student's unique place in this world is not only an option, but a reality, at WISC. I am tremendously grateful that this gift, in turn, is the vehicle through which I may deliver my students in their paths of learning. I was frequently in awe at the rich variety of subjects and the broad perspectives that enlivened our lessons. Yet, the Waldorf curriculum is so simple in its design that it is difficult to put into words and best understood in the realm of personal encounter. I was proud and honored to be a part of this program, and would urge anyone who is considering WISC as an option to explore it further on an experiential level.
Deborah Cansler, 2009 graduate

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