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WISC Student Biographies, Los Angeles Campus Following are biographical sketches and resumés of WISC Los Angeles students who are working toward graduation this year.

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Caitlin Campbell Caitlin Campbell: I was born in Montrose, California, and attended the Pasadena Waldorf School from kindergarten to eighth grade. I then attended Highland Hall Waldorf School for high school. At College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan I studied metal work and glass blowing, receiving a BFA. I have a certification from the Waldorf Practical Arts Training at WISC, and am currently in the third and final year of class teacher education in WISC. For four years I worked at the Pasadena Waldorf School as an assistant and for the last two years I have taught in the high school as the ceramics teacher. I am also a nanny for two families.

I enjoy making things with my hands and sharing the knowledge of crafting. I also enjoy being in nature as often as I can be, and doing my part to try and make this planet a better place. My interests in future teaching include handwork, woodwork, metal work, ceramics and various art subjects. I have enjoyed my time working with high school ages and am interested in continuing that work.

caits123@icloud.com   |   818-935-2167

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Leslie Rockenbach Koifman Leslie Rockenbach Koifman: Teaching is my meditation and my most intimate spiritual practice. It is a profound opportunity for me to live in the present moment. It is a marriage of conscious communication and deep listening and the most joyful invitation to be in authentic relationship with the world - in every classroom and with every student. I’ve had the privilege of teaching mostly high school history and humanities for the past 20+years after completing my PhD in American Studies. What led me to Waldorf education and ultimately to WISC, is a deep and enduring desire to engage in dialogue about teaching and the opportunities it holds for radical self-growth and spiritual development.

I am so grateful for the many Waldorf teachers at WISC who have guided me on this exploration, in addition to Susan Howard, whose essay Essentials of Waldorf Early Childhood Education, has become my North Star. Waldorf education is a beautiful, heart centered education and I feel ready and humbled to be of service to its grandest visions.

leslierockenbach@gmail.com   |   626-374-9093

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Maria Alle Rader Maria Alle Raders: Teaching young children has been my passion for over twenty- five years. My journey through the education of Rudolf Steiner has broadened my experience as a teacher and enhanced my spiritual growth. Anthroposophy has awakened my spirit for collaboration, discipline and focus.

I studied at Loyola/Marymount and received my early childhood degree through Santa Monica College and UCLA extension. I spent my early years (23 years) teaching at The Plymouth School in Los Angeles. I was lead teacher in a classroom filled with vibrant five year old children. I proceeded on to Westside Waldorf where I was an assistant for two years. I now work at a very progressive school, with a project based approach built in relation to children’s interests. We create a warm and nurturing space to facilitate and support the child’s growth and development. I co-teach in a classroom of approximately 18 children ages 4 to 6 years.

I am thankful for having had the opportunity to study, experience and collaborate with the many fine teachers at WISC. I look forward to once again teaching at a Waldorf School, if my path leads me there. I still have two weeks of Waldorf practicum to complete.

riaraders@yahoo.com   |   323-719-1574

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Tara Trujillo Tara Trujillo: I am a native of Lompoc, on the Central Coast here in California, and have worked in public education for over 10 years. My love for Waldorf Education has branched into formal training in Werbeck singing through the School of Uncovering the Voice. I have studied at and worked at forest kindergartens, and continue to be a student of many subjects, including Mediation through Non-Violent Communication. I earned my BA in Psychology from Chapman University and I'm concurrently working toward a degree in Early Childhood Education at Allan Hancock College and certification through the Academy of Forest Kindergarten Teachers.

In my spare time, I practice Transcendental Meditation and the martial art of Aikido, and run part-time businesses in the fields of dog training and hospitality. I love to dance, play and sing, especially with my 4 year-old son Tucker.

My preference is to work in early childhood, and I've recently accepted a position at Acorn Village Forest Kindergarten in the Santa Ynez Valley where my son attends, but I began this Waldorf training with the dream of becoming my favorite [grades class] teacher. Either is a sacred undertaking, and I'm up for both!

taratrujillo.tnt@gmail.com   |   805-717-4901

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