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WISC Student Biographies, San Diego Campus
Following are biographical sketches and resumés of WISC San Diego students who are working toward graduation this year.

This page may be especially helpful to Waldorf schools looking for qualified potential teachers to hire in the near future.
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Teri Antti Teri Antti: Waldorf has been a part of my life since 1994 when my oldest daughter started school. I had been a part of a home birth community that supported organic, wholistic and gentle education. My music career as a pianist/vocalist had taken me all over the world and the tug on my heart for child welfare caused me to return to college and receive education in child development and trauma counseling. I have four daughters and one is adopted. I plan to spend many years to come speaking and promoting adoption, supporting inner city and rural Waldorf initiatives and continuing to write music for justice and love. There is no education I have seen that comes close to preparing our precious children for the world like Waldorf does and I am forever thankful to Steiner and all those who have carried the torch.

carryonmusic@gmail.com   |   619-760-7197

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Dale Chambless My name is Dale Chambless. Kansas, NorCal, SoCal, Idaho, and Germany round out the list of where I grew up. Moving around so much greatly expanded my worldview, but left me perpetually feeling out of place and like I was lacking a real home. I trained to become a teacher in the public school system, but before I graduated I realized that I didn't want to be part of that problem. I spent the next decade living my best life, falling in love, and starting a family. I discovered Waldorf when seeking schools for my oldest daughter and instantly fell in love. It felt like home, or at least my idealized vision of what home felt like.

The last three years in WISC have been completely transformational. I wouldn’t even recognize the person I was when I started this program. I’ve developed traits that make me a much better parent, learned skills that have led to improvements in more parts of my life than I can detail here, and become a healthier, happier, and all-around better person. I have no idea what the future holds in store for me, but I know that I am much better prepared for it than when I started this journey.

daleisgreat@gmail.com   |   619-549-2806

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Aixa Correa My name is Aixa Correa, and I have known I wanted to be a teacher since I was 9 years old. I grew up in Southern California, then moved to Northern California to pursue a bachelor's degree. There, amidst the mountains and lakes, I studied Outdoor Leadership, where I gained confidence through acquiring a different kind of skillset. I learned to backpack, canoe, rock climb, etc., as well as leadership skills, stewardship of the land, living in community, and so much more than I can put into words! I am forever grateful for the unique education I was able to receive as an undergraduate student.

After spending 6 wonderful, challenging years in Northern California and traveling abroad, I moved back to SoCal and started the Waldorf teacher training through WISC and working at All Friends Nature School. Three years later, here I am, graduating soon and having a wealth of experience in the Forest School style of education as well. My dream is to open up my own Waldorf Forest school one day, perhaps when my hair is gray. I am currently working in early childhood but I do plan on taking on the challenge of the grades as well. My task now is to keep learning and developing myself as a teacher, anthroposophist and human for when the time does come.

My interests include child (human) development, elemental nature spirits, plants/gardening/farming, hiking/backpacking, storytelling, and anthroposophy, to name a few.

aixa3426@gmail.com   |   951-833-8109

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Mairin Davie Hello! My name is Mairin Davie, and I am so grateful to be graduating soon from WISC! I always knew I wanted to be a teacher since I was a little seven-year-old girl playing school with my little sister and brother. I grew up here in sunny Southern California (Oceanside) and pursued my studies at San Diego State University and Cal State San Marcos. I began my journey teaching high school English and ELD. Later, I became a reading tutor for children of all ages in the foster care system, which led me to get a multiple subject credential as well and look into teaching at the elementary school level. It was my then 2 year-old daughter who led me to Waldorf. I just about cried I was so moved when I first went on a tour of a local Waldorf school-- it had warmth, beauty, depth, soul, and kindness. This was the experience that I longed for my own children to have and it resonated with the kind of teacher I wanted to be. I was soon hired on as an early childhood assistant and began my teacher training. Over the years, with the help of wonderful mentors, I moved up to lead teaching and am currently in my 10th year of early childhood. Currently, I am looking forward to teaching in the grades next year!

I live in Temecula, CA with my life partner and two amazing children. We love to be outdoors, hiking and camping, or playing at the beach. We go on many bike rides, love to play music, and enjoy reading together. I feel so blessed to be a part of the Waldorf community and that in my life I have been able to teach from my heart.

mdavie@willowtreelearning.org   |   760-717-4650

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April Martin Hello, my name is April Martin. I started the WISC teacher training program in 2016 and I am so excited to graduate this year. I currently reside in Orange County, CA and have been an assistant in the Wildflower Kindergarten at Journey School (A Waldorf Charter School) for the past year. Before that I was a regular substitute there in multiple Kindergarten classrooms. I also assisted at Miss Linnie's Sunflower Preschool (A Waldorf inspired program). Miss Linnie was one of the first graduates of WISC and inspired me to start my Waldorf teacher training.

I earned my Bachelor's degree in Business and Marketing in 2006 from the University of La Verne. After graduating, I started a career in Marketing. I loved the creative aspect of the job but never felt quite fulfilled. When I became a mother in 2010 the whole world seemed to change. My eyes were open. As a new mom, some things around me intuitively just didn't feel quite right. I came across a book called Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne and it resonated so deeply within me. It quite literally changed my life. When I dug more deeply into this movement, I found Waldorf Education. I just couldn't stop reading and knew that this was the path I wanted for my children and our family. The more I learn the more inspired I feel to continue to grow. Through my studies and inner work over the past four years of my training I have gained an enthusiasm for child (human) development and feel endlessly inspired by the teachings of Rudolf Steiner.

When I found Miss Linnie's Sunflower preschool for my first son, 8 years ago, it became like a family, a home and I feel inspired to spread that same warmth in my teaching career. I am now the mom of three spirited boys (ages 2, 8 and 10), they are my everyday teachers.

I thrive being in nature, it is where I am most at peace. I love camping, floating in the lake, swimming in the ocean, hiking in the woods, snowboarding, long bike rides, exploring new places, watering my plants, tending to our community chickens and farm, snuggling my dog, practicing yoga, meditating, crafting, laughing, dancing, reading, storytelling, listening to live music, and observing the awe of mother nature through the beautiful children I am gifted to guide.

april.deanna.martin@gmail.com   |   949-444-8274

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Patricia Pacheco My name is Patricia Pacheco, I was born and raised in Tijuana, Mexico. During my childhood I really enjoyed going to school, my favorite class was mathematics, that's why I decided to study accounting, after working 30 years in this area, I felt the need to give a new meaning to my life and fulfill my dream of being surrounded by children, but I had not found a way until at a summer fair at the Waldorf School in Tijuana "Semillero Comunalidad Educativa", I received information about this wonderful program from which I am about to graduate, it has been a wonderful and challenging journey of self-knowledge, with the great fortune of being accompanied by this great community that motivates and inspires me. I am currently a kindergarten teacher in Semillero. I love knitting and creating toys for children. At the end of this program I want to study Curative Education and Eurythmy.

patriciapachecob@gmail.com   |   (011521) 6643314736

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Alejandra Ortiz Alejandra Ortiz: Growing up in a bilingual and bicultural area in the Tijuana/San Diego border planted a seed in me that later sprouted into a passion for travel and adventure. During my teenage years, I found comfort and freedom journeying the roads in serendipity.

At the start of my twenties, motherhood faced me with my deepest fears and most wonderful lessons all together. I became a doula and midwife apprentice, but soon realized my path laid somewhere else. By the time my children were 2 and 4 years old I left the Bay Area and moved back to my hometown in Tijuana, where I enrolled my daughter and son in a Waldorf school and felt my relationship with them heal and transform.

The truth and beauty I've found in Waldorf education and its impact in my personal and family life led me to the Waldorf teacher training, a wonderful and revelatory 3 year long quest. Now, as a 31-year old and soon to be Waldorf teacher graduate, I'm ready to continue, with clarity, a truthful, fruitful life path.

lotussea1222@gmail.com   |   52 1664 342 7095

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Hong Zao Hong Zao: My spiritual seeking began with the birth of my daughter. After I got my Master's degree in Electronic Engineering and was involved in the High-tech industry for years, I was so arrogant that I believed that science was the absolute truth and could be the resolution for everything. But during my first struggling parenting, I had to admit that my baby, as a messenger from the higher world, couldn't be explained by only abstract logic thinking. And my training in nature science couldn't provide me with any knowledge about the invisible world and the truth of human beings. In order to gain that knowledge, my enthusiasm in ancient wisdom became strongly rekindled and I was attracted by the marvelous ancient Chinese wisdom in philosophy, medicine, and arts which was also different from what I learned for many years in Western arts. Many thoughts sounded so fascinating to me, for example: Everything has an origin in the spiritual world and human beings are the highest spirit among the natural world. As the mediator, between heaven and earth, we strive to be harmonious with the cosmos and unite with all creatures.

Among all the educational systems, I found only one, Waldorf education, based on Anthroposophy, which has a similar spiritual viewpoint and puts those thoughts into practice. We moved from China to the US and my daughter began her Waldorf school journey at 3 years old. I continued my study in Chinese medicine and philosophy, especially TAO, which changed me greatly and helped me effectively expand my mindsets. I began to have the ability to accept ideas that seemed contradictory and see through things in different layers, which lay a solid foundation for my later Anthroposophical study. Many questions arose continually within me, "Why does the harmonious, beautiful and elegant time in ancient China have to be gone? Why does the human being have to endure degradation in soul and spirit? I couldn't find clear answers in ancient wisdom. With these questions I joined WISC at the magical age of 35.

I truly appreciate my experience in WISC teacher training, where I have met similar souls who are eagerly seeking for the truth of the human being and universe and where I learn from everyone's unique talents, insights and warming love. Studying Anthroposophy is a hugely satisfying for me, with my mind and heart actively working, and my puzzles are getting cleared up gradually. I am starting to understand and re-establish the relationships between different religions, cultures, societies, arts, and science. Freedom, how precious and ethereal you are, I finally get a close look at you! Facing our current materialistic thinking and fragmentary consciousness, using my experience and comprehension in Science and Art, East and West, I want to heal the split among them and dedicate myself to Waldorf education, which effectively and wisely helps human beings towards true freedom!

vincirain@gmail.com   |   858-519-6545

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