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WISC Student Biographies, San Diego Campus
Following are biographical sketches and resumés of WISC San Diego students who are working toward graduation this year.

This page may be especially helpful to Waldorf schools looking for qualified potential teachers to hire in the near future.
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Isabel Adame Isabel Adame: I am 30 years old and I was born and raised in San Diego, California. Although San Diego is a vacation destination for most, growing up in the once quiet neighborhood of North Park has kept me humble and grateful of blessings throughout the years. As a child I attended St. Didacus from preschool until 8th Grade, and I graduated from San Diego High School – School of International Studies with an International Baccalaureate certificate in English.

I am a first generation college student, and earned my associates degree in liberal arts and sciences with an emphasis in social and behavioral sciences from Santa Barbara City College. While living in Santa Barbara I was as a nanny for one very special family and worked with early childhood and middle aged children at the Santa Barbara YMCA.

Here in San Diego I work with All Friends Nature School during the summer and have worked at the Waldorf School of San Diego since 2017. My interest remains with children in early childhood, teaching them through circle, story, creative arts and outside play. In the past two years I have grown increasingly interested in focusing my career on curative education, and teaching children with special needs.

To keep myself in good physical shape, I often go for walks along the beach, explore hiking trails around San Diego, and most recently I have been practicing Disc Golf. I love spending quality time with my daughter, playing at puppet shows, watering our plants, working on puzzles, play dough, legos, coloring, or cooking dinner together. She brings love to my life, and pride in the little lady she is becoming.

I consider myself a life-long learner and friend of children. Working in early childhood brings me sustaining joy, and, it is hard to imagine working at anything else more important than helping to raise the humans of tomorrow.

isabelleadame@gmail.com   |   619-987-2220

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Itxaso Hernandez Itxaso Hernandez: My name is Itxaso Hernández, it means ocean in Vasq. I was born in Chetumal, Quintana Roo, Mexico but grew up in Tijuana and the Vasq country in Spain.

I studied Philosophy and social sciences at ITESO, Jesuit University in Guadalajara, and worked as a high school teacher for 7 years.

Four years ago my sister and brother-in-law opened a Waldorf school in Tijuana, so I decided to study Waldorf pedagogy to join the School. I taught early childhood for 2 years and now I am the first grade teacher (we just opened first grade this year).

I love early childhood and all its processes. After working with adolescents and seeing so many holes in their education, I wanted to experience all the growing processes of human beings. So here I am now with 7-year-olds and I love it.

I am interested in philosophy, education, social justice, and everything that can help me grow to be better human being. I love nature and animals, especially cats.

azulmujer@gmail.com   |   (+52) 664-197-4191

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Dhyan Saling Dhyan Saling: I was born and raised in Mexico City and began my spiritual quest at 15 years old, when I moved to a Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Ashram in Mexico City in 2001. There I gained a daily experience of conscious living and spiritual commitment. When I was 16 years old I became a kundalini yoga teacher and I have been teaching ever since.

I graduated from UCSD in 2014 with a BA in cognitive and behavioral neuroscience. I am a third-year student at the Waldorf Institute of Southern California. I have had the privilege of being the Spanish teacher at the Sparrow Charter Waldorf School in San Diego for the last two years.

When I am not teaching Spanish you can find me hiking mountains with my beloved husband Scott, knitting, weaving and holding women's circles and yoga classes. I look forward to being a grades teacher and to create a WISC alumni association to continue the learning, inspire our fellow teachers, support our schools and WISC, and to keep learning ways to better serve the children of today.

salingdhyan@gmail.com   |   (619) 822-4989

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