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WISC Summer 2016 Teacher Education Courses

Our Waldorf Teacher Education & Continuing Adult Education Summer Courses have concluded for 2017. We hope you will join us next year for another dynamic and enriching array of classes. We present the 2017 course descriptions (below) for your reference, as an example of typical course offerings.

Summer Courses are designed not only for WISC students, students/teachers in Waldorf and other schools; assistants and other interested individuals are invited to participate as well. Our faculty members share many years of experience and expertise in the practical application of Waldorf Education and its philosophical and spiritual foundations. Each class offers a wealth of hands-on opportunities to expand and deepen your understanding and capacities, and your appreciation of the vital role Waldorf Education plays in society.

Los Angeles

June 19 – July 1
(2 weeks offered, either week may be taken individually)

and MODULE #2

with Jack Bryant and Mona Lewis

For the morning foundation studies in this new cycle, we will focus on the main elements of Waldorf Core Principles #1 & #2, "The Image of the Human Being" and "Phases of Development." In the hard crafts portion, we will work with the possibilities inherent in the curricula for grades three, four, five and six. We will make birdhouses, carve human beings and animals, and make spoons, forks, combs and clocks. In soft crafts, for grades one and two curricula in module #1, we will make our own knitting needles, and knit a small pouch, rainbow ball and teddy bear. In module #2, for grade three curriculum, we introduce the participants to crochet and will make a small pouch, potholders and a beach bag. Participants will learn about fibers and dye techniques and learn to spin wool into yarn with a drop spindle.

Mona Lewis completed her Waldorf Teacher training at WISC in the year 2000. During her time at WISC, she worked in the Early Childhood Center at Highland Hall for four years. She began teaching Handwork in grades one through nine at Highland Hall in the year 2000. She has completed the Illuminated Watercolor course (a three year program in veil painting) with Leszek Forczek. Mona has traveled the west coast giving workshops on natural plant dyes, and uses the dye garden extensively in her work with the children. She has served in the role of mentor, facilitator and teacher development at Highland Hall. Mona is assistant director of the Waldorf Practical Arts Training program. In addition, she teaches Argentine Tango at the high school level.

Jack Bryant completed his Waldorf Teacher training at WISC in 2000, taking his first teaching assignment at the Santa Fe Waldorf School in New Mexico. Since 2001, Jack has been teaching sculpting and practical arts full time at Highland Hall Waldorf School. He has traveled extensively through China, teaching in many Waldorf Teacher Training courses and presenting many workshops at Chinese Waldorf Schools. Jack is the founder of WPAT, the Waldorf Practical Arts Training program in Los Angeles. He brings more than 30 years of practical experience to his teaching, having worked in the building and construction trades. He attended Art Center College of Design and Santa Monica College. Jack has four children who are Waldorf graduates.

For more information regarding the WPAT (Waldorf Practical Arts Training) program, visit our web page.

June 26 – June 30


with Johanna Laurelin

Participate in the "art of soul" as we explore the connection of gesture to sound and rhythm with music and spoken text. This course is both accessible and challenging to participants of all levels.

Johanna Mueller-Laurelin is a widely acclaimed Eurythmist who performs with stage groups in Europe and the U.S.A. An experienced Eurythmy teacher in Waldorf schools and Eurythmy schools, she is a teacher and co-director in the San Diego WISC program.

July 3 – July 7


with Dennis Demanett
and Andrew Dzedulionis, Eurythmy

As we find the intimate relationship of child development to the unique Waldorf curriculum, we will explore the subtle, but far-ranging changes that occur in the eight-year-old of today, and consider that changes previously associated with the nine-year-old have begun to appear in children as early as age seven in the 21st century. We will investigate questions of forming and shaping lessons in an artistic, imaginative manner, examine fully the threefold story content of second grade, and practice circle work and other forms of movement integrated with stories, drawing, painting and main lesson. bookwork. In our judicious use of music, speech, movement, and visual arts activities, we will see that the arts are key to the pedagogical practice that emerges for children who are still at the beginning of their educational journey!

Eurythmy will enhance and support our work.

Well-known for his imaginative and musical, all-encompassing circle work, Dennis Demanett brings both expertise and enthusiasm from his many years of class teaching at Waldorf schools in England, Hawaii, the East Coast and Los Angeles.

Andrew Dzedulionis has a fount of eurythmy teaching and performing experience gained in different parts of the world.

July 10 – July 14


with Holly Koteen-Soulé
and Jill Scissors, Handwork

During the morning sessions, we will deepen our understanding of the developmental movement needs of the young child, the elements and purposes of circle in the EC classroom, and the importance of nature and human beings in circle. We will work in small groups to compose engaging circles for the very young and nursery child, mixed-age kindergarteners and first grade-ready children. In the afternoons, we will make a "heavy baby" doll!

Holly Koteen-Soulé brings the fruit of many years of early childhood and adult teaching to share. She is the Teacher Education Coordinator for the Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America (WECAN).

Jill Scissors, a WISC graduate, brings years of experience and love for the realm of handwork/crafts.

July 17 – July 21


with Nettie Fabrie and Wim Gottenbos

This course includes remedial techniques
for the class teacher. *

How can we introduce math in the lower grades so that the students will have a firm foundation to build upon in the middle and high school years? This course will be taught as a collaboration by the authors of Making Math Meaningful: A Source Book for Teaching Math in Grades One through Five - a unique opportunity to benefit from Nettie and Wim’s many years of class teaching experience. We will explore ways to teach the four processes, the multiplication tables, and fractions, as we also learn to develop the children’s capacities and pleasure in doing mental math.

* Participants will additionally benefit from Nettie’s background and experience in remedial aspects one can employ as a class teacher. Through classroom exercises and practices designed to meet children’s learning differences, we will show you specific ways to meet the challenges our students face in these times and discuss what to expect with second grade assessments.

Nettie Fabrie is the Director of Pedagogy at Seattle Waldorf School and faculty member of Sound Circle Center Teacher Training.

Wim Gottenbos is completing eighth grade with his class.

San Diego

June 26 – June 30


with Laurie Clark

We will explore child development through the lens of child contemplation study, integrative movement and pedagogical nutrition. Leading thoughts will be offered regarding working together in community and the teacher's inner development. Through experiencing together the practical activities of the Kindergarten life such as watercolor painting, bread baking and Paper Mache basket making, we will deepen our understanding of why one does these activities and how they guide the child into healthy sensory well-being.

Laurie Clark is currently a kindergarten teacher at the Denver Waldorf School. Now in her 27th year of teaching, she mentors Waldorf teachers around the country and teaches in various training courses. Laurie obtained her Waldorf Teacher Certificate from Rudolf Steiner College and completed the East Coast Training in Remedial Work.

July 3 – July 7


with Bodo Langen

We will focus on carving and clay modeling with an emphasis on whittling. Topics to be examined are: practical arts and the science curriculum, working with the temperaments and an approach to working effectively with children who may have special needs.

Bodo Langen founder of Pine Mountain Arts in Santa Cruz, has extensive experience in practical arts including woodworking, sculpting and copper-smithing.


with Alecia Dodge

In this workshop we will learn the basics of working with silk and wool fibers with the myriad of color possibilities found in nature. We will learn how to make a dye bath, how to prepare and mordant fiber, about color fastness, how to care for fiber once dyed and the types of equipment needed to do your own plant dyeing at home.

Alecia Dodge, with 25 years of experience teaching in Waldorf Education, is currently completing her 8th grade class at the Waldorf School of Santa Barbara. A handwork teacher for 18 years, Alecia graduated from the Applied Arts Program at Sunbridge College, Spring Valley, New York in 1999.

July 10 – July 14


with Dennis Demanett
and Johanna Laurelin, Eurythmy

We will spend the week exploring the unique moment of the seven-year-old’s emerging ability to form inner pictures and how this relates to choices that we, as teachers, make towards creating a healthy educational journey. We will also investigate questions of forming and shaping lessons in an artistic, imaginative manner so that good habits, the foundation for all future learning can be built.

Eurythmy will enhance and support our work.

Dennis Demanett, a Waldorf class teacher for 40 years, has completed his fourth class and is currently teaching second grade at the Pasadena Waldorf School. He trained at Emerson College, England, subsequently leading his first class through their 8 years at the Ringwood Waldorf School. Dennis brings not only his extensive experience in Waldorf teaching but also a child-like enthusiasm and deep recognition of how to work from the whole to the parts.

Johanna Mueller-Laurelin is a widely acclaimed Eurythmist who performs with stage groups in Europe and the U.S.A. An experienced Eurythmy teacher in Waldorf schools and Eurythmy schools, she is a teacher and co-director in the San Diego WISC program.

Forming a First Grade Class with Dernnis Demanett Eurythmy with Johanna Laurelin

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San Diego Campus:

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