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Our faculty includes many teachers who are currently teaching in local Waldorf schools, as well as visiting teachers from across the country and abroad.

Chris Bennett Chris Bennett was a Waldorf student in England for Grades 5-8, and, after completing a degree in Aeronautics, went to Emerson College in Forest Row, UK, graduating from there in 1972. He has been a Waldorf teacher ever since, alternating between the Grades and High School (mainly Math), in Austria, the UK, Hawai'i, Canada (briefly) and now in California, at WSOC [Waldorf School of Orange County]. He has been working in Waldorf Teacher Education for more than 25 years, in Europe, North America and Asia.

Jean Brousseau Jean Brousseau completed teacher training at WISC in 1966, and was a Waldorf parent for 30 years. She has long been active in the work of the Anthroposophical Society in Los Angeles. Jean is a co-director of WISC.

John Brousseau John Brousseau enjoyed work as an electrical engineer in aerospace research and development, and enjoyed even more being a class teacher at Highland Hall for the following 31 years. He is a founding director of WISC and served as chair of the Teacher Education Committee of AWSNA for 14 years.

Jack Bryant Jack Bryant completed his Waldorf Teacher training at WISC in 2000, taking his first teaching assignment at the Santa Fe Waldorf School in New Mexico. Beginning in 2001, Jack has been teaching sculpting and practical arts full time at Highland Hall Waldorf School, where he served as Whole School meeting facilitator for three years and as a member of the new governance Leadership Team. He has traveled extensively through China, teaching in many Waldorf Teacher Training courses and presenting many workshops at Chinese Waldorf Schools. Jack is the founder of WPAT, the Waldorf Practical Arts Training program in Los Angeles. Jack brings more than 30 years of practical experience to his teaching, working in the building and construction trades. He attended Art Center College of Design and Santa Monica College. Jack has four children who are Waldorf graduates.

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Shivani Burrows-Goodwill Shivani Burrows-Goodwill, PhD spent 15 years as a Waldorf class, and Kindergarten, teacher, before taking up the mission of bringing her Waldorf experience to inner-city students at a charter school in San Diego. Ten years later she finds relief from the constraints of public school with the joy of teaching curriculum and music classes to WISC students in San Diego.

Dennis Demanett Dennis Demanett is currently a class teacher at the Pasadena Waldorf School where he has the 2nd grade. He has been a Waldorf class teacher for 37 years. Enthusiastic about teaching all grades, Dennis is eloquent about how child development and Waldorf curriculum fit like a glove, and why teaching each subject out of an abundance of imagination is so important.

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Sue Demanett Over the past 35 years, Sue Demanett has taught in four Waldorf schools and four teacher training programs. Over the course of her career she has been a class teacher, a subject teacher, and a high school teacher of English. She takes special interest in the middle school and junior high age group. Sue presently teaches middle school math and English at Pasadena Waldorf School, where she chairs the middle school department.

Jacqueline Develle Jacqueline Develle brings 14 years experience as a Waldorf school class teacher with a background in public school training and Montessori kindergarten. Due to her interest in seeing all teachers succeed, she completed a mentor training and is currently listed as a Pedagogical Advisor with AWSNA (Association of Waldorf Schools of North America). Jacqueline supervises student practicums, mentors students and teachers in Waldorf schools, and co-directs WISC in San Diego. She is also currently teaching Foundation Courses in San Diego.

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Charlotte Dukich Having trained as a teacher at the Waldorf Institute of Mercy College in Detroit, Michigan, Charlotte Dukich has been a Kindergarten teacher for 35 years at various schools in Southern California. At local schools Charlotte has led courses in Anthroposophical Foundation Studies and Early Childhood for WISC and Center for Anthroposophy, New England. Now that she has retired from full-time teaching, Charlotte is mentoring kindergarten teachers and is part of the faculty for WISC San Diego.

Andrew Dzedulionis Andrew Dzedulionis: French Canadian from Montreal, Canada, born in Baltic States, raised in Montreal, Canada, lived in Europe and Asia. Andrew received his Waldorf teacher training from the Lithuanian Institute for Pedagogical Qualification, in cooperation with Waldorf Education Centre in Skandeborg and Copenhagen, Denmark. After assistant teaching, Andrew completed a five years Eurythmy training program at The Educational Institute for Eurythmy in Vienna, Austria. He has been performing and heading up the training for Eurythmists at the Free Academy for the Humanities, the Goetheanum, Switzerland, and the Department of Rhetorical and Musical Arts. Andrew is a member of First Class of the School of Spiritual Science. Since 2006 he has been teaching Eurythmy at Waldorf Schools in Texas, Arizona and since 2009 in Southern California.

Andrew has also trained as a concert pianist and has studied languages extensively. He is fluent in French, English, German, Lithuanian, and Russian, and is partly so in Italian. His love of language, music, and movement continue to enrich his life and enhance his experiences with his students.

Samuel Glaze Samuel Glaze has been a Waldorf class teacher for 40 years, primarily in Southern California. He completed his BA in Political Science/History at Occidental College, completed the teacher-training course at the Waldorf Institute of Mercy College of Detroit and took his first teaching assignment at Highland Hall in September 1973. After returning from a year's sabbatical, he is teaching math and science in the middle school grades.

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Philip Guest Philip Guest has been a Waldorf teacher in Southern California for more than a dozen years, serving as class teacher for the Waldorf School of Orange County Class of 2005 and the Westside Waldorf Class of 2012. A resolute "Renaissance Man" who refuses to narrow his interests from "all of it", he is a keen proponent of collaborative teaching, seeking to find experiences and encounters that bridge narrow distinctions of status, discipline and subject matter. He treats the many perspectives of the Waldorf curriculum as proceeding from an integrated and coherent world and world-view; presenting images, provocations and riddles through which teachers and students are encouraged to encounter themselves and the world in new and meaningful ways.

Ko Hawkes Ko Chen Hawkes, BA, a graduate of the Hibernia School of Artisitic Therapy in England, is an art therpaist and teacher. She brings a wealth of life experiences to her work teaching at Waldorf schools, professional development seminars, conferences, and in private practice. She was a board member and teacher at The West Coast Instiute of Studies in Anthroposophy, in British Columbia. She has three grown children, two of whom have graduated from Waldorf schools in England and Vancouver Island.

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Alex Houghton Alexander Houghton recently completed his second, eight-year tour of class teaching at Highland Hall. While teaching sixth and seventh grade science he discovered the importance, relevance and joy of studying phenomena as a way to understand and appreciate reality. He currently enjoys working as a co-director and teacher at WISC.

Susan Johnson Susan R. Johnson, MD FAAP has been a behavioral and developmental pediatrician for more than 22 years. After directing the Early Childhood Clinic during her fellowship she completed a year rotation in child psychiatry. She became an Assistant Clinical Professor at UCSF and Co-director of the Pediatric Obesity Clinic and Shapedown program. She also served for 7 years with the San Francisco Unified School District as their Physician Director at Golden Gate School Health Center. After the birth of her son she completed a certified Waldorf Teacher training and studied Anthroposophical Medicine, in Arlesheim, Switzerland. Dr. Johnson has participated in numerous seminars and workshops exploring various forms of movement therapies such as Therapeutic Eurythmy, Parelli and therapeutic horseback riding, Spacial Dynamics, Brain Gym, HANDLE, and Bal-a-vis-x. Her greatest passion is to help children with auditory and visual processing problems through movement therapies that strengthen their vestibular/balance system.

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Holly Koteen-Soule Holly Koteen-Soulé received her BA and MA from Antioch University in Seattle, and studied Waldorf education at Emerson College. She was a Waldorf Kindergarten teacher for 18 years, first at the Seattle Waldorf School and then as the founding teacher of the Bright Water School, also in Seattle. She has led courses in early childhood for several teacher training centers and has served as an AWSNA consultant for developing schools. Holly has been on the core faculty of Sound Circle Center since 1995, where she is the director of Early Childhood education.

Ania Kubik Ania Kubik holds a BFA in sculpture from Virginia Commonwealth University and a Waldorf completion certificate from WISC. She has enjoyed being a class teacher for grades one through five, teaching handwork in grades one through eight, and teaching clay modeling in grades one through twelve. She currently enjoys class teaching her combination fourth and fifth grade at Maple Village Waldorf School in Long Beach, CA and teaching art and handcrafts at WISC.

Bruce Laurelin Bruce Laurelin discovered Waldorf Education in South Africa and became a Waldorf teacher in 1981. Bruce teaches Philosophy, Festivals, Anthroposophy, and Music. He is currently the music teacher at the Waldorf School of San Diego.

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Paul Matthews Paul Matthews is an accomplished poet, Waldorf teacher, and author. He has taught at Emerson College, and traveled widely to deliver workshops in the U.K., Germany, the United Sates, Australia, and New Zealand. Paul's overriding concern is for the role of poetry as a community-making activity and as a means of schooling the imagination.

Patrice Maynard Patrice Maynard, M.Ed., is the leader for Outreach and Development of the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America (AWSNA). She was a class teacher as well as a music teacher, taking one class through a complete cycle of eight grades and a second class through 5th grade at Hawthorne Valley School in upstate New York. Ms. Maynard is the parent of three Waldorf graduates.

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Christine Meyer Christine Meyer has been a Waldorf teacher at Highland Hall Waldorf School since 1983. After graduating the second of her classes as a class teacher, she began teaching English in the middle school and high school. Christine teaches upper grades English for WISC.

Johanna Mueller-Laurelin Johanna Mueller-Laurelin is a widely acclaimed Eurythmist who performs with stage groups in Europe and the U.S.A. An experienced Eurythmy teacher in Waldorf schools and Eurythmy schools, she is a teacher and co-director in the San Diego WISC program. Johanna attended a Waldorf School from Kindergarten through High School.

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Rena Osmer Rena Osmer, M.A., has been passionate about Waldorf early childhood education since completing her training in 1985, and has taught children, parents, and teachers for many years. She is keenly interested in innovative ideas and new initiatives and has served the national development of Waldorf early childhood as WECAN Board Member, founding Board member of Sophia's Hearth, and LifeWays North America Board member. Rena's career began on the eastern seaboard in Wilton, NH at the Pine Hill Waldorf School, the Center For Anthroposophy and Antioch New England. On the western coast she worked for Rudolf Steiner College as Director of Early Childhood Education and co-founder of the Caldwell Early Life Center and the LifeWays Children's Center. She most recently has moved to the Florida sub-tropics where she currently teaches a mixed-age kindergarten in a new Waldorf initiative, Sea Star, in Boca Raton.

Dean Pollard Dean Pollard received his Waldorf training at the Rudolf Steiner College, Sacramento, and Eurythmy Training at the Zuccoli Schule, Dornach. He has 11 years of innovative Eurythmy Teaching from K to 12th grade, at the Sacramento and Santa Cruz Waldorf Schools. Dean is an award-winning theater director and pioneer of the Eurythmy Staff, bringing a very practical Shamanistic approach to the art of Eurythmy.

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Alessandra Lisa Profumo Alessandra Lisa Profumo has been an educator for over thirty years. Having completed her second round as a class teacher at Highland Hall, Lisa is currently teaching in the 6th grade with her class at Westside Waldorf School. With an M.A. in educational psychology, Lisa has taught education classes at UCLA and for WISC. She has given workshops and lectures for a variety of national and international organizations, mentored teachers, and has done extensive work in the area of parent education. She has three grown children who graduated from Highland Hall and remains as passionate as ever on the importance of protecting the endangered state of childhood.

Andrea Pronto Andrea Pronto holds a diploma in Special Education from the Independent Music School at Rudolf Steiner Seminar in Germany, and has been the music teacher at Live Oak Waldorf School since 1986. She is on the faculty of Rudolf Steiner College, has completed singing training from the School of Uncovering the Voice, and received a diploma in Therapeutic Singing.

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Holly Richards Holly Richards has been an early childhood teacher at the Waldorf School of Orange County for 17 years with the most recent 13 as a kindergarten teacher. She received her Waldorf training at the Rudolf Steiner College in Sacramento, a BS in Human Development with a focus on Early Childhood Development from California State University at Fullerton, and her MA in Human Development with a focus on Leadership in Education from Pacific Oaks College in Pasadena. Holly finds thrill in guiding and observing children in play, story and the joy found in practical work. She is fascinated by the overlap between child development from an Anthroposophical perspective, other child development theories and current research.

Joseph Rubano Joseph Rubano an incurable lover of meditation and reader of spiritual texts, was tricked into reading Steiner by his wife leaving books around the house. Unable to resist, he came to call himself an 'anthroposophist' with a small 'a'. Once hooked, he pursued his love of inner development, counseling and the magic of meeting by studying with Georg Kuhlewind and by completing the Biographical Counselling Training in Emerson College (1991). His love of movement was met and enhanced in the Spacial Dynamics Training with Jaimen McMillan (1999). Currently he is a counselor and life coach, poet and Spacial Dynamic movement educator working in the San Diego area. He and Patricia have led biography, communication, and parenting workshops in New York, Minnesota, and California over the past 10 years.

Patricia Rubano Patricia Rubano has been connected with Waldorf education and Anthroposophy all her adult life. She has worked with young children from infants through kindergarten for over 20 years. She helped found the Waldorf School of San Diego, and has worked for and with Sanderling School in No. County. She spent many years teaching at Green Meadow W.S. in N.Y. where her two children attended school. She currently works in the realm of adult education mentoring early childhood teachers and offering workshops. She co-directs the Biography and Social Art course with Signe Schaefer through Sunbridge College and also teaches the week-long Introduction to Waldorf Early Childhood Education there.

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Merrie Schmidt When Merrie Schmidt enrolled at WISC in 1995, she had a teaching credential in English and two children, Sarah and Cameron. In 1997 she completed her Waldorf teacher training and joined the Highland Hall faculty as a handwork assistant and main lesson substitute. She also taught English in the eighth grade and brought bookbinding to the high school. Her youngest child, Joey, joined the family in 1998. Beginning in 2000, Merrie carried her first class from 4th through 8th grade, and her next class for grades seven and eight. She is currently finishing her Master's degree in Education while also substituting in the lower school and working with the high school English Department (all of this while "on Sabbatical"). She recently joined the WISC faculty, where her course titles include: Inner Order: Planning and Time Management for Teachers, Spiritual Foundations and Practical Work of Middle School Physiology and Anatomy, and Nurturing Parent Communications. Her personal philosophy has never let her down: "In a wide enough frame, everything makes perfect sense; our worst fears are ... just not true."

Stephen Spitalny Stephen Spitalny was a kindergarten teacher of 3-6 year-olds at Santa Cruz Waldorf School for more than 20 years. Steve is the former editor of Gateways, the bi-annual publication of the Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America (WECAN). Steve has written many articles and given lectures and workshops across the US and in Switzerland. He is author of a new book, Connecting With Young Children; Educating the Will, (available at lulu.com) and also has a story and music CD entitled Kudya Zvekukwata / Eating at Other People's Houses. Steve is a father and grandfather. His website is chamakanda.com.

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Daniel Stokes Daniel Stokes has worked within the Waldorf Education movement since 1975. He received his teacher training at Emerson College, England and a diploma for Speech and Drama in Sydney, Australia. He co-founded Mythos Storytellers and Looking Glass Theater which performed and led workshops in schools across Australia. Over the past 24 years Daniel has been a class teacher and has brought a love for the spoken word, specifically its use in the classroom, through courses in poetry, storytelling and drama in Waldorf training centers throughout the U.S. He currently lives with his wife in Los Angeles and spends some of the year abroad training teachers and mentoring in Waldorf Schools.

Katherine Thivierge completed her teacher training at the Waldorf Institute of Detroit in 1976. She trained in Speech Formation at the Artemis School of Speech and Drama in England, and also holds a graduate diploma in Anthroposophical Therapeutic Speech. She has worked artistically and therapeutically with children and teachers in Waldorf schools for fifteen years.

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